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Sacred Valley of the Incas

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Sacred Valley of the Incas    ◄  

Duration: 09.00am - 7.00pm

This tour is a full day visit to the impressive Sacred Valley of the Incas, covering the visits of the traditional Pisaq Market, Ollantaytambo archeological site and Chinchero colonial village and market. The second tour “must” of all Cusco visits after the City Tour.

PISAQ : A small town visited by many tourists,has a very colorful market and an amazing inca architecture in the arqueological site. After the visit we'll continue to the archeological center of OLLANTAYTAMBO.

OLLANTAYTAMBO : An archeological town with a very fine class of architecture,that can be seen from the entrance to the Main Square,with its narrow streets.

CHINCHERO : A different town. The two main people's activity are agricultute and livestock farming

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Traditional view of Machu Picchu from the Wayna Picchu 3Handycraft in Chincheros MarketThe arqueological site of TiponThe Inca Trail 1Market of ChincheroThe majestic cathedral of CuscoNilo's Mother with himselfMain Square of Cuzco by nightChurch of ChincheroEvaporation ponds in the Salt Mine of Marasthe archeological center of Ollantaytambo
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