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Nazca and Paracas

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Nazca and Paracas    ◄  


You will be picked up from your hotel in Lima at 6:30 am, transfer to the bus station, at 7:30 am you'll take the Royal Class motor coach (the best there is) to Paracas (3.30 hours) upon arrival transfer to Hotel, then excursion to Paracas of about 3 1/2 hours. Paracas is one of the best marine reserves, with the highest concentration of marine birds. In the afternoon transfer to your hotel acomodation. 


At 7:15 in the morning transfer to a private dock where you will take a motorboat excursion to the Ballestas island. This islands are spectacular, eroded into numerous arches and caves, which provide shelter for thousands of seabirds, some of which are very rare, and seas lions. The islands are known as "the Galapagos of Peru", at the end private transfer to Nasca (3 hrs aprox ) where we will visit The Chauchilla Cemetery, where skulls, mummies and pottery shards littering the desert.Overnight at confortable Hotel. (CB).


You will be picked up from your hotel, transfer to the little airport where you will take the flight over the famous Nazca lines. Cut into the stony desert are large number of lines, not only parallels and geometrical figures, but also designs such as a dog, an enormous monkey, a bird with a wing span of over 100 meters, a spider and a tree. The lines, that represent some sort of vast astronomical pre-Inca calendar, are best seen from the air, we will take a half hour flight above the Lines (INCLUDED) . At 1.30 pm we will take the motor coach Royal Class to Lima where we will arrive around 7:30 pm. Upon arrival transfer to your hotel or Lima airport. (CB)