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About Us
The Peru Moon and Journeys Family give you a welcome to this world call Peru.

Our love for this country, our understanding for the variety of geography ,society, and the friend ship of the world, makes possible this Idea Peru Moon and Journeys.

The life is learning, and like our ancestors the best way to learning it is putting in proof all our senses, so we invited you to develop them, in special some of them like.

Sight.- please enjoy with the spectaculars views that here there are. Taste: try all the variety of food that we have.

Hearing.- hear the sound of the nature, the wild life, and after that all you can find what you've been looking for in the world, so we invited you to discover this and more with us.

We are a family group, and the only thing that we want is that you feel as our family, and in that way make you feel that you are part of this country, which one is part of this world call earth our home.
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