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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno
Visit this three cities and even consider as a regions in the south of Peru, the contrast and the beauty of this places doesn’t have any comparison, Arequipa offer you the very dry desert area that we have in the coast of Peru, but at same time the high volcanoes covered by snow in the top of thems, Puno region has one of the bigger altiplano of the country of Peru located in between the two Andean range, the Easter and western ranges are all this altiplano, and here you have the changes to see the highest lake in the world the Titicaca lake, and the Cusco city consider the historical and archaeological capital of Peru, every corner in the city and around the city it is telling us history, about what was this inka culture in the Peru country, and don’t forget Machupicchu one of the seven wonders of the world.

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The Inca Trail 8Woman in traditional costume of UrosThe Salt Mine of Maras from the topThe train to Machu PichuCusco, view of the Plaza de ArmasTraditional view of Machu Picchu from the Wayna Picchu 3The Choquekirao Trek 2Inca Citadel of Machu Picchufloating islands of UrosLandscape of the island of TaquileThe Inca Trail 6The arqueological site of PisaqThe Ausangate Trek 2The Ausangate Trek 3The Choquekirao Trek 5The Ausangate Trek 1
Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno   
Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day1Day 1 . Fly to Lima, capital city of Peru, located in Peru’s narrow coastal desert between the Pacific Ocean beaches and the towering Andes mountains. We meet you at Lima’s airport and transfer you to a comfortable hotel for overnight.
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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day2Day 2 . Fly from Lima to Arequipa and We meet you on your arrival at Arequipa airport and transfer you to your hotel. We spend the morning exploring the fascinating Santa Catalina Convent, followed by lunch at an open-air restaurant. We also visit the “Momia Juanita”, the Inca mummy recently recovered from the top of Ampato Volcano. Dinner on your own.
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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day3Day 3 . Arequipa - Colca Canyon Colca Canyon.-Private guide and driver for the trip to Colca, with a stop in Aguadas Blancas vicuña reserve. We spend one night in a comfortable country inn. We include lunch today, en route to Chivay. In the afternoon we visit an open-air hot spring. Dinner is on your own. 

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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day4Day 4 . Colca Canyon - Cruz del Condor - Arequipa Colca Canyon.-We visit the Cruz del Condor, a lookout near the deepest part of the Colca Canyon, where condors spiral up on the morning thermal air currents. In the left bank villages and countryside we explore an extraordinary concentration of geoglyphs, terracing complexes, colonial churches, and a vibrant folk culture with distinctive costumes and housing styles. We return in the afternoon to Arequipa.

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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day5Day 5 . Arequipa - Cusco Fly from Arequipa to Cusco and We meet you on your arrival at Cusco airport and transfer you to your hotel. Cusco The former capital of the Inca empire now fills the head of a manicured valley at 3340 meters / 10,857 feet above sea level.  We transfer you to your hotel, and brief you on the events of the following days.  You have the remainder of the morning free.  We suggest you take it very easy for a few hours, to help your body adjust to the altitude.  You’ll have ample time later to explore Cuzco’s colourful streets and plazas.  In the afternoon free time to explore to center of Cusco or just rest.

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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day6Day 6 . Cusco - Sacred Valley Drive to Pisaq town and visit the colourful market at Pisac, at the entrance to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, and afterwards the huge Inca ruins above the village and after lunch explore the magnificent Ollantaytambo, where many buildings display original Inca stone foundations. The adjacent Sun Temple offers some of the finest stone construction, after that catch the train from Ollantaytambo station to Aguascalientes (Machupichu) town one hour a half trip and spend the night.

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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day7Day 7 . Machupichu – Sacred valley In the morning, before the tourists arrive, we climb by bus to Machupichu to have a tour and spend the morning at the ruins, For most people the highlight of the trip is the visit the greatest ruin in the world, the lost city of Machu Picchu. This is one of the architectural and engineering marvels of the ancient world, in a mountain setting of staggering immensity. The Spaniards never found it, the Incas left no records about it, so Machu Picchu remains a great enigma, a city lost for centuries in the jungle, then board the train in the afternoon for the ride along the Urubamba River to Sacred valley  hotel, where we spend the nignt.

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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day8Day 8 . Maras - Moray - Cusco explore this day the Maras salt mine where the peasants from the countryside of Maras work making polls of salt and selling their products in the market around the sacred valley and even in Cusco city, after that visit Moray the circular terraces where the Inka culture or the Andean culture domesticate more than 1500 plants and after that visit the Chincheros town where is located the arqueological place and the colonial church, continue to Cusco city, stay here in a comfortable Hotel.

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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day9Day 9 . Cusco In the morning we tour the Inca and colonial monuments in the city, including the Cathedral, the Inca Temple of the Sun, and the impressive Plaza de Armas. We also visit the exquisite Inca shrines of Tambo Machay and Kenko in the hills above the city, and Saqsayhuaman, the enormous fortified temple with its massive ramparts of hewn stone, for a condor’s-eye view over the red tiled rooftops of Cuzco. Afternoon free to explore for your own the city of Cusco.
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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day10Day 10 . Cusco - Puno In the morning at 7:00 am Today we take a bus ride across the altiplano, the high plains separating the Andes from the jungles. Although it is quite a long drive, it is interesting and often spectacular. There are scheduled stops along the route to visit some of the most interesting sites to help break up the day and we get a feeling for the immensity of the Andean landscapes. These include Pucapucara, a pre-Inca town, and La Raya Pass, the watershed and geographical shift from altipano to Cuzco Valley where the Raqchi Inca temple is located. We arrive in Puno in the evening.
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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day11Day 11 . Puno - Lake Titicaca - Uros - Amantani The highest navigable lake in the world at 3,856 m/12,650 ft, Lake Titicaca is intensively settled around its whole margin. We transfer to the port and board a motor launch for the 2 hours cruise and visit the astonishing Uros flouting Island after visit this magnificent island continue to Amantani island where a gentle and industrious population of Quechua peasants who welcome us, the Quechua-speaking islanders regained ownership in the mid-twentieth century, and have been receiving tourists into their homes since the early 1980’s.  Half a century ago, a trip to the island was an adventure, often an overnight trip in precarious sailboats.  Now cooperatives of island families operate comfortable motor launches to make the trip a delightful immersion into another world.  We spend a delightful afternoon hiking on the island.  Over¬night in one local home.
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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day12Day 12 . Amantani - Taquile - Puno Board a Motor launch for the 1½-hour cruise to Taquile Island.  Taquile’s rocky, terraced slopes rise precipitously from the waters in the center of the lake; We spend a delightful morning hiking on the island and after that in the afternoon return to the City of Puno. Spend the night in Puno Hotel.

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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day13Day 13 . Puno - Lima Transfer to the airport of Juliaca located at 45 minutes from Puno city and flight from Juliaca to Lima. Explore Lima
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Peru 14 days Arequipa - Cusco - Puno day14Day 14 . Lima - City tour In the morning city tour of the historical colonial centre as well as the modern district of Lima ending with a view over the Pacific Ocean. At night fly to Home.
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